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People of color (POC) continue to enrich the development of society, worldwide. Black people in particular, whose ancestors built entire countries without compensation, are often never given the opportunity to fully succeed. Yet, despite invaluable contributions, Black people are quite frequently not treated as equal to non-people of color counterparts. 


We want to change this.


No one should be treated less than due to race, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender. Which is why we have dedicated Neaux Nonsense to championing the success of the underrepresented. 

We do this by cultivating a safe space by which people of color can let their stories be heard. We aim to provide resources, mentoring, coaching, and other methods of support when possible.

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Here's How...

1.     Ally Coaching: We provide confidential and personalized coaching designed to help you be a better ally.

2.  Recommend Our Services: If you know anyone that can benefit from our services, do not hesitate to send them our way!

3.  Donate: Continual funding will allow us to provide scholarships to individuals and communities for coaching, mentoring, and resources.


I like this show because the hosts seem to actually love what they are doing and make sure to have a point to their actions. I recommend this show to all who just love podcasts.

- Ted S.